Common Signs a Home's Sprinkler System Needs Repairs

There’s no question that the majority of homeowners want a beautiful, green, lush lawn. Unfortunately, there are several obstacles that may stand in the way of this goal, including a broken or improperly working sprinkler system.

The fact is, ensuring that a lawn and garden gets adequate water is a must to keep it healthy. While a sprinkler system can help with this, issues can arise. Getting to know some of the most common signs that sprinkler repair is the best way to prevent serious problems for the lawn.

An Unresponsive Valve

An irrigation valve helps to supply water to the sprinkler heads. If one isn’t functioning properly, it is a tell-tale sign that sprinkler repair in Scottsdale is needed. It is pretty easy to miss a valve that isn’t functioning properly, especially for the untrained eye.

One sign to watch for is if there’s an entire part of the lawn that is flooding or exceptionally dry. If this issue is seen, it’s a good idea to call for professional help to fix the problem right away.

A Leaking Sprinkler Head

When the sprinkler system is turned off, there should not be any more water dripping out of the heads. If this problem exists, a leak is likely the culprit. If there’s a part of the yard that is muddy for no real reason, a pipe leak may be to blame.

Broken or cracked sprinkler heads or system pipes can wind up wasting several liters of water and result in much higher-than-normal utility costs. One of the best ways to keep this issue from happening is to winterize a sprinkler system each year and be very careful when doing any type of yard work that could damage the system.

Dying Grass

If there are patches of matted or dry grass, this is a visible indication that the irrigation system is not working properly. At this point, it is a good idea to check for any malfunctioning heads or leaks.

The next step is to check to ensure the system’s getting plenty of pressure. If there is too little or too much pressure, it can result in problematic water levels.

When it comes to irrigation leak repair, this is something that should not be put off with the hope that this will get better on their own. Instead, use the information here to know when it is time to reach out to the professionals for assistance.